7 Important Routines of Soccer Training

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Every soccer player wishes to maximize their speed, stamina, and power on the field. The game is getting more intense these days and no player wants to be benched by another. Here are some soccer fitness training routines you need.

Increase your stamina to run

Increase your stamina to run - 7 Important Routines of Soccer Training

Use a treadmill or find an open space for running. Find time to jog around the field, increasing the tempo at intervals. Also, try mixing footwork around cones with your jogging or sprinting as well.

Learn to sprint faster

Maximizing your potential to run fast will boost your standing in the team during selection.

Use weighted sled pulls and parachute sprints to help push your legs well beyond their means.

Be more explosive

Be more explosive - 7 Important Routines of Soccer Training

This training routine is good for midfielders. It involves maximum effort and excellent technique of plyometric movements such as squat thrusters, burpees with tuck jumps with any sort of jump squat, including plyometric box jumps.

Learn to change your direction fast

It is good for every soccer player to be able to change direction at any second and do so quickly, without the risk of injury, and still keep the ball well under control.

Traditional cone drills are very good ways of improving a player’s agility. It is important to be able to run and turn at full tilt yet keep the ball under control.

Develop solid core stability

Develop solid core stability - 7 Important Routines of Soccer Training

Solid core stability comes with adding some unstable exercises to your soccer training regime. Squat on a Bosu-ball, do a single-leg Romanian deadlift, do some plank jacks on a TRX, and improve your stability when jostling for the ball.

Be stronger

Big compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges all have a hugely positive effect when it comes to things like explosive power, overall speed, agility, and, to a degree, core stability. Five sets of six reps of deadlifts, squats, and lunges throughout the week.

Take time to recover

You should make sure that your nutrition is balanced and in order and take time to stretch post-match. Also, spend at least 10 minutes after a training session to stretch or foam roll your lower body.

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